Safety Tips
While no method is completely foolproof, these tips can help in preventing crimes

1. Trim shrubs to make your windows and doors more visible to neighbors and from the street.
2. Make sure your house numbers are clearly visible from the street. House numbers should be lighted or reflective.
3. Additional lighting can help to minimize completely dark areas. Consider motion detector lights for side yards.
4. Lock all gates. A locked gate makes it more difficult for the criminal to access your home.
5. Secure your belongings. Items that are left lying around invite criminals.
6. Don’t leave “high ticket item” boxes like TV & stereo boxes on the street for trash pickup. Cut them up and put them in the recycle or trash bin.     Criminals look for these boxes as evidence that you just purchased an expensive item.
7. Always lock all your doors when you leave and keep them locked, even when you’re home.
8. Never invite someone you don’t know into your home. Sometimes criminals pose as solicitors so they can gain access to your home to see if you have     anything worth coming back for.
9. Keep tools and ladders locked in the garage or shed. Often time’s criminals will use the victim’s own tools to help them to gain access to the home.
10. Get to know your neighbors

We can monitor your existing alarm system.

Why pay $30.00 per month, or more, for monitoring and have your existing alarm system replaced For Free? We all know the saying that there is no free lunch! Most of these “I’ll upgrade your system for free” companies don’t have the experience to repair an alarm system; they only know how to replace one.
Our thought on security equipment is, why replace something that works perfectly fine that may just need a simple repair? Our technicians have the knowledge to repair and maintain your system for a much lower investment than that “free” system will actually end up costing you.

Questions to ask when shopping for an alarm system.

1. Is the company you are considering licensed, bonded & insured?
2. How long have they been in business?
3. Do they sell your monitoring contract to another company? Most of the “National” companies have other companies sell their monitoring contracts for     them. ADT, Monitronics & Honeywell do not have offices located in Tucson.
4. Do they hire subcontractors to do their installations?
5. What is their rating with the Better Business Bureau? How many complaints have they had, and how were they handled? Click here to find out.
6. If you have a service problem how long will it take to get technician to you? Do they have 24 hr emergency service available?
7. If you have a billing question will you be dealing with someone local that has the ability to answer your questions or solve a problem?
8. “Tucson First”. How much of your money will stay in Tucson?
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